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Logger’s Run

Logger’s Run

Loggers Run is very cool in lots of ways. The best part is location. This place has ruined me. I can’t imagine a more superior ski in-ski out. The place was well appointed and relatively clean, not perfect, but close. I liked the full kitchen. Bedding was comfortable and linens were clean. From what I understand they are individually owned so I don’t know if this can speak for every unit. It was a nice garage for my small SUV but it would not accommodate a much larger vehicle. Was nice to have a clean warm car.

The only drawbacks are small. The first is that the walls are thin. So if your neighbors are loud at a different time than you then you will join their party for sure. Well at least audio wise. Its not a big deal but if you are exhausted from skiing and you have early ski club and your neighbors arrive and then want to drink and make pizzas and play cards well… its gonna be loud. I should have brought ear plugs. My fault. Its their vacation also. They had to listen to us at 6am making breakfast, so it is what it is.

Next is the hot tub. It was just ok. Our thermostat was weird and there is alot of ice on the deck and the slot where you are supposed to drop the cover. The cover was very saturated internally and extremely heavy so don’t expect to manage it solo. This tiny issue comes from being spoiled in other vacation locations that have covered/maintained hot tub decks and hot tubs covers with lifts. So not a big deal. These small two items would not keep me from renting this unit again. I just will bring ear plugs and not have such high hopes from sneaking a solo hot tub moment. We enjoyed our time, the unit, and the slopes. We will be back.

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